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Primate Behavior

Click on the family name to learn more about an individual species of primate. Within each page is a listing of the species belonging to each family, with individual pages on a species Morphology, Range, Ecology, Locomotion, Social behavior, Communication, and Reproduction. Family Cheirogaleidae (Dwarf Lemurs)
Family Lemuridae (True Lemurs)
Family Megaladapidae (Sportive Lemurs)
Family Indriidae (Indris, sifakas)
Family Daubentoniidae (Aye- aye)
Family Galagonidae (Galagos or bushbabies)
Family Loridae (Lorises and pottos)
Family Tarsiidae (Tarsiers)
Family Cebidae (Spider, capuchin, saki, howler, owl, titi, uakari, and woolly monkeys)
Family Callitrichidae (Marmosets and Tamarins)
Family Hylobatidae (Gibbons and siamangs)
Family Hominidae (Great apes)
Subfamily Cercopithecinae (Guenons, mangabeys, macaques, baboons, and drills)
Subfamily Colobinae (Colobus, langurs, leaf-monkeys)

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