This species has cheek pouches to carry food in while it forages. The average body mass for an adult male is about 1.4 kilograms and for an adult female it is about 900 grams (Scruton and Herbert, 1970). This species is thought of to be neotenous when compared with other forest guenons, that is it retains juvenile traits into adulthood (e.g. cranium disproportionately larger than the body). This species has a pelage color that is olive yellow agouti dorsally and light colored ventrally (Rowe, 1996). The face is gray colored with brown cheek stripes (Rowe, 1996). The top of the head is an ochraceous black color (Nowak, 1999). The color of the tail of this species varies from grayish black to brownish black above, and on the ventral side it is yellowish to yellowish gray at the base grading to buff, black, or yellowish black at the tip (Nowak, 1999). The hands and feet are chrome yellow with a buffy or reddish yellow tint (Nowak, 1999). Males have blue colored scrotum (Rowe, 1996).

Last Updated: October 15, 2003.
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