Olfactory Communication

olfactory inspection: This is where a male after visual inspection will sniff the female's perineum (Wolfheim and Rowell, 1972). This behavior occurs in tense situations, such as when the female is aggressive (Wolfheim and Rowell, 1972).

nuzzling: This is when one individual sniffs another, paying attention to every part of the body except the back of the head and the neck (Dixson et al., 1975). This behavior is seen towards new individuals entering a group (Dixson et al., 1975). This behavior tends to be more intense on the first day the new individual is introduced to a group (Scruton and Herbert, 1972). The areas that receive the most attention are the muzzle and perineal region (Dixson et al., 1975).

Last Updated: October 15, 2003.
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